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Agostino Salvi - Duffle Bag

Agostino Salvi - Duffle Bag

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Length, in 19.00 23.00
Height, in 9.50 12.00
Width, in 9.50 12.00
Main strap length, in 27.56 45.00
Handle height, in 10.98 9.00
Handle width , in 1.50 1.50

Introducing our duffle bag with high def fusion colors, repeated tiles patterns, line art, and cute colorful puppy designs - it's the perfect accessory to upgrade your look! Whether you're headed to the office or gym, this stylish bag will make everyone stop and take notice. With an eye-catching pattern and awesome design, you won't have to worry about your bag blending in with the crowd. #DuffleBag #DogPrints #StyleInstyle #GymBag #HighDefinition #FusionColors #TilesPatterns #LineArt #CutePuppyDesigns #AccessorizeYourLook #FashionFavorite

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