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Augustina de la Rosa - Duffle Bag

Augustina de la Rosa - Duffle Bag

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Length, in 19.00 23.00
Height, in 9.50 12.00
Width, in 9.50 12.00
Main strap length, in 27.56 45.00
Handle height, in 10.98 9.00
Handle width , in 1.50 1.50

This all-in-one duffle bag offers an eye-catching combination of high def fusion colors, repeated tiles patterns, line art, and vibrant Kaleidoscope designs. This bag is perfect for sports or travel, and its unique design will make you stand out from the crowd. All-in-all, you'll own a stylish and stylishly designed, high-quality duffle bag. #sportsgear #travelstyle #dufflebag #fashion #style #bag #travel #kaleidoscope #linedesign #patterns #fusioncolors #highdef

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