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Winifred de la Cruz - Suitcase

Winifred de la Cruz - Suitcase

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Height (with wheels), in 26.75
Length, in 16.50
Width, in 10.00
Handle Length, in 17.00

This vibrant and colorful suitcase will complement any wardrobe! With high-def fusion colors, repeated tile patterns, line art and a variety of different butterflies, this is a must-have piece to show off your style. Show off your bold personality with this unique piece that is sure to stand out in a crowd. Your friends will be asking you where you got your suitcase! #FashionStatement #TravellerEssentials #FashionForward #StyleGameStrong #ColourfulLuggage #FusionColours #LineArt #TilePatterns #VibrantButterflies #QualityLuggage #UniqueStyle

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